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MaD Awards 2011

The “Brainswork Make a Difference Award” was initiated by the passionate networker and Brainswork-CEO Selma Prodanovic, designed and supported by the US star designer Mirko Ilic and recognizes those outstanding individuals that employ their unique talent, creativity, ideas and visions for the benefit of their communities, for the development of human values, for peace and understanding, for sustainable and respectful sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences, but most importantly, for encouraging others to make a difference.

“I am convinced that everyone can make a positive difference”, says Prodanovic, “but also, that there are certain individuals that can use their extraordinary ability not just for deeper change in their communities and in society, but also motivate and encourage people to make a difference and improve something”.

They all have overcome a variety of obstacles without losing faith in their vision. Their special, individual way has – alongside their tenacity and endurance – motivated other human beings.
The laureates for 2011 were:

Jonathan Robinson (Category: Newcomer)
As an anthropologist, designer, writer and entrepreneur he co-created the HUB, the place for people with world changing ideas.

Josef Schoerkmayr (Category: Lifetime Achievement) Josef Schoerkmayr is an internationally recognized music therapist and the founder of the “No Problem Orchestra” for severely disabled, mentally and physically challenged people.

Jean Oelwang (Category: Special)
Socially and environmentally engaged, board member of several organizations, volunteer, CEO of Virgin Unite; has helped to incubate a number of global leadership initiatives such as The Elders, the Disease Control Hub in sub- Saharan Africa and the Carbon War Room.

Edit Schlaffer (Category: Women)
Social scientist, author and activist; founder of Women Without Borders and of SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism (world's first female counter-terrorism platform)
The "Brainswork Make-a-difference Award"
Jonathan Robinson
No Problem Orchestra
Jean Oelwang
Edith Schlaffer
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