IncrediblEurope: 700+ Million Individuals. 50+ Languages. 1 Global Player.

About us

IncrediblEurope is a private, independent bottom-up initiative. It was developed in January 2009, at the deepest moment of the crisis to prove that in times of chaos and fear a creative and innovative approach is even more important to move forward and make a difference.
IncrediblEurope is a Brainswork initiative.

Our Mission
IncrediblEurope fosters increased understanding for Europe’s incrediblE potential in innovation and creativity in every sector of human activity and thought. Our mission is to expand horizons, nurture Europe’s innovative and creative visions and strengthen Europe's position and brand value in local and global contexts.

Our Goal
The goal is to reach the 25 millions interdisciplinary and influential futuremakers (3,5% “innovators” out of 700 million people) who will then inspire others to make a positive difference towards an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial Europe in 2049.

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