IncrediblEurope: 700+ Million Individuals. 50+ Languages. 1 Global Player.

Our Team

The IncrediblEurope core team consists of:

  • Selma Prodanovic (initiator and chairwoman)
  • Miriam Kickinger (communications)
  • Dejan Prodanovic (creative director)
  • Wibke Scheler (support)
  • Stefan Neuner (coordination)
  • Florian Brody (Young Ambassadors mentor)
  • Alexis Eremia (advisor)

Selma Prodanovic

Miriam Kickinger

Dejan Prodanovic

Wibke Scheler

Stefan Neuner

Florian Brody

Alexis Eremia
We also want to thank all our supporters and partners, the European network and all participants and speakers for their trust and the opportunity to work together on building the future for Europe 2049!

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