IncrediblEurope: 700+ Million Individuals. 50+ Languages. 1 Global Player.

Our Impact

Following facts & numbers an impression of the impact of the IncrediblEurope initiative is given:
•    People from 143 countries worldwide visited the website

•    Media coverage (TV, Radio, Print, www) in some 30 European countries but also in India,
     China, and New Zealand

•    Top speakers and experts from all over the world: Jean Oelwang, CEO Virgin Unite (UK),
      Luigi Colani, design legend (China), Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architecture for Humanity
     (USA), Edward de Bono, global leading authority in creative thinking (GB), Cecily Drucker,
     entrepreneur and Business Angelina (USA)

•    Top institutions from Europe: EU Commission and EU Parliament; EBAN (The European
     Trade Association for Business Angels); EU Parlament and many more…

•    In only 3 years the IncrediblEurope Summit gathered more than 800 participants from

•    Only the Summit 2009 generated 905 ideas for a strong Europe

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